Melissa from New Zealand recently sent these observations about their visit:
"Wheelies Van Rentals provided my family and I with our first transport together as a family.As my injury was reasonably new, my family and I did not have a vehicle that could accommodate my chair and the family,for us wheelchair taxis had become a new way of life. I would like to say Wheelies Van Rentals were fantastic service providers, friendly, accommodating and trustworthy. The hiring of a wheelchair vehicle allowed us to travel together for the first time,this was an awesome experience and probably one of the highlights of our holiday.To have the freedom while on holiday was great and a service we would highly recommend and use again. While on holiday in Coolangatta we were determined to have a much needed family holiday hanging out,sightseeing,theme parks and lots of dining. Thanks Wheelies Van Rentals for providing us with the vehicle to enable this to happen"

Bill from the UK also said:
"When we do eventually make it back to God's own country we will not hesitate to contact you and look forward to doing business with you again. In the meantime I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the impeccable service provided by yourself and 'Wheelies' on our last visit which was very much appreciated"